1941-49 International truck K KB 34-36 C model 37- 40 D model windshield seal

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SKU: IT8180-W
 TRUCK K1–K10 & KB1-10,
 1934-35 36 C MODELS
1937-40 D 

IT8180-W This Front Glass Weatherstrip seal is made for IH Models

K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 K8 K9 K10 KB1 KB2 KB3 KB4 KB5 KB6 

KB7 KB8 KB9 KB10 ALSO:  34-36 C Models, 37-40 D Models.

This weatherstrip seals the windshield frame to 

the body of the truck for the tilt out windshield.

The seals are of the highest quality rubber and were 

reproduced from original parts, not copies,

by a major American rubber manufacturer for a perfect fit.

This is a fine product made in the USA by American craftsmen 

and outstanding workmanship.
Truly the best International Harvester weatherstrip 

replacements made today.

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or if you have any questions.

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This seal is really nice.

 It will serve you well on your INTERNATIONAL TRUCK!

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